20 Oct 14 at 10 am
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20 Oct 14 at 10 am

Hambacher Forst!

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Hambacher Forst!
08 Oct 14 at 5 pm

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 Felicity House
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Peter Zéglis
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Asked by Anonymous

asker Which person do you like most of all?

There is not one person I like the most. I love my friends; there are some people I know I could always count on, even if we don’t talk every week. It feels a bit like coming home, you know? Also, I’m lucky with my family. And every once in a while I meet a girl I really like, sometimes I even fall in love. It might turn out to be just a fling, but if we’re lucky we stay good friends. And one day maybe, the love will last. But for now I’m just being happy with the people I’ve met and meeting new ones. People come and go and the best friends are forever I think.